Root Canal Treatments


Root Canal Treatments

Occasionally, a tooth that has been traumatised or severely decayed can cause inflammation or infection irreversibly damaging the nerve. If left untreated pain and sensitivity and further spreading of infection into the surrounding teeth and bones can result. Treatment may involve the dentist performing a root canal treatment which is where:

  • The tooth is numbed, and a dental dam is placed.
  • The canals of the tooth/roots (the cavities in which the pulp, nerve and blood vessels are located) are cleaned and shaped with small files, flushed with antimicrobial solution and dressed with an antibiotic dressing.
  • The canals are filled once the tooth is asymptomatic/pain-free, and a temporary filling is placed.

Following completion of a root canal treatment, the tooth will be reviewed and options for a permanent restoration (e.g. filling or crown), to restore strength and protect the tooth from breaking, will be given.

If you notice signs in the mouth such as swelling (pimples/blisters), pus, a loose tooth; and/or symptoms such as pain or sensitivity to hot/cold/pressure, please contact us immediately!

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